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Health Sector Anti-Corruption Forum Launched

October 2, 2019

The Presidency

2 October 2019

The Health Sector Anti-Corruption Forum has been launched.

The Forum flows from the Presidential Health Summit in 2018.

In a speech at the signing ceremony, president Ramaphosa described the Forum as one of the “critical steps we are taking to transform the health care system in South Africa and to rid it of the inefficiencies of the past”.

The president also indicated that the Forum and the Health Market Inquiry Report are “concrete ways of reducing wastage and collusion and ending uncompetitive behaviour in the market”.

According to the president, the Forum consists of several departments, government agencies, professional bodies and civil society organisations tasked with coordinating South Africa’s response to corruption in the health sector.

“This initiative has become all the more critical as we prepare to implement the most-far reaching policy for social transformation this country has seen since 1994, namely the National Health Insurance,” he said.

The president declared that objectives of the National Health Insurance (NHI) such as spending money on health efficiently and effectively, reducing wastage and excess and ensuring people live healthier lives cannot be achieved while corruption prevails across the health sector.

He added that the agreement emphasizes that cooperation is necessary to rid the health system of corruption and maladministration.

The president indicated that steps need to be taken to secure the envisaged National Health Insurance Fund before it starts operating.

“We must ensure that the pool of funds that is earmarked to ensure universal access to quality health care is not wiped out through fraud and corruption, and in this regard this Forum will play a critical role.”