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Health and Safety at Mines Under the Spotlight

October 15, 2020

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy

The mineral resources and energy department inspectorate will intensify the monitoring and evaluation of mine health and safety management systems through inspections and audits for the remainder of 2020.

The department declared this in a statement on health and safety at mines during the remaining period of 2020.

The department pointed out that “wherever there is non-compliance to the regulations and a threat to the health and safety of any persons at mines, the Department will not hesitate to issue instructions as guided by the Mine Health and Safety Act”.

According to historic data on mine accidents, the last quarter of the calendar year sees an increase in fatalities reported.

“It is for this reason that mine employers need to put more focus on the health and safety of mineworkers during this period.”

The department will ensure that mines put in place shift fatigue management systems that are continuously monitored and that drug and alcohol tests are done frequently during afternoon and night shifts.

The department highlighted that “health and safety campaigns, visible leadership, zero tolerance to unsafe behavior, and extra vigilance by all workers are exceptionally vital” during the remainder of the year.