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Grocery Retail Sector Market Inquiry Extended

November 1, 2019

Department of Economic Development

1 November 2019

The completion date for the Grocery Retail Sector Market Inquiry has been extended until 29 November 2019.

The economic development department published notification of the extension in Government Gazette 42817.

The Inquiry got underway in 2015.

The Competition Commission initiated the inquiry to understand the general state of competition in the retail sector.

It focuses on:

• The structure of the industry;
• The renting of retail space in malls; and
• The impact that big retail chains have on competition, jobs and small business development

Provisional findings and preliminary recommendations were published at the end of May 2019.

This is the fifth extension of the completion date since the Inquiry got underway.

According to the notice, the Commission decided to extend the completion date in order to finalise its engagement with comments and submissions received on the preliminary report and publish a final report.