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Green Paper on Comprehensive Social Security Drawn Up

November 6, 2020

Department of Social Development

A Draft Green Paper on Comprehensive Social Security has been drawn up.

The social development department revealed this in a briefing on its Quarter 2 Report for 2020/21.

In terms of social security policy development, the department also announced that the costing of policy options on linking child grants to government services is underway.

A draft discussion paper on income support to 18-59 year olds has also been developed to look at safety net options for this cohort.

The department also highlighted that, during the second quarter, cabinet gave the green light to the Fund-raising Amendment Bill to be tabled in parliament.

The bill was subsequently tabled in parliament this week.

The bill aims to amend the Fund-raising Act, 1978, so as to:

• amend certain definitions;
• effect certain textual amendments to provide greater clarity;
• provide for the discontinuation of certain funds and for the dissolution of any boards responsible for those funds;
• establish the Disaster Relief and National Social Development Fund and to transfer any amounts remaining in the discontinued funds to the Disaster Relief and National Social Development Fund;
• empower the Minister to make regulations in respect of the financial year of a fund; and
• provide for matters connected therewith.

Other developments highlighted by the department include that the redrafting of the Draft Social Service Practitioners Bill and the Policy on Social Development Services to Persons with Disabilities is to continue; the drawing up of the Draft Social Development Bill; Draft Older Persons Amendment Bill completed and submitted to the Office of the Chief State Law Advisor for pre certification – draft Bill is being redrafted to align with the new African Union protocol; an intersectoral policy on sheltering services under development and a Project Plan to revise White Paper on Families has been developed – revised White Paper will ensure empowerment of families, caregivers and parents on parenting, as well as reflecting the new developments taking into account the impact of COVID-19.