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Government Seeks Greener and Cleaner Mining Industry

February 6, 2019

Department of Energy

Government wants mining production to take place in a “greener, cleaner and sustainable environmentally friendly manner”.

The energy department emphasized this during the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) Energy Breakfast in Cape Town.

The breakfast was held on the sidelines of the Mining Indaba.

The department added that industry, transport and the building sectors are all involved in the mining sector and will need to make more use of renewable energy coupled with energy efficiency.

“For such a high energy demand industry to reduce consumption and produce more with less, and reduce high carbon content of certain products and high emission processes, will certainly require innovative and novel solutions and lifecycle thinking in an integrated approach”.

Mention was also made of the Smart Grid.

“The Smart Grid represents an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy industry into a new era of reliability, availability, and efficiency that will contribute to our economic and environmental health.”

Testing, technology improvements, consumer education, development of standards and regulations, and information sharing between projects will need to be carried out during the transition period.

Some benefits associated with the Smart Grid include more efficient transmission of electricity, faster restoration of electricity after power disturbances, reduced peak demand, increased integration of large-scale renewable energy systems and improved security.

The department also stressed that the mining sector has to take “advantage of proven reliable and affordable initiatives that would enhance efficiency into its operations such as introducing renewable technologies and industrial energy efficiency initiatives to produce more with less”.

It added that SANEDI is “ready to explore best possible approaches and practices to relieve and assist the mining sector in introducing reliable and affordable sustainable energy while moving away from some of the traditional and conventional practices”.