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Government Acts on Sunspace

November 8, 2012

Department of Science and Technology

Government has acted on recommendations following reports from both Deloitte and Savant Analytic on the profitability of SunSpace, a microsatellite (and related systems) design and assembly company.

Minister of science and technology, Derek Hanekom, announced in a written answer to a parliamentary question about the recommendations of the reports, that SunSpace will be integrated into the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

The Savant Analytic report recommended that, with some restructuring, “investment into SunSpace is sound and holds many direct and indirect socio-economic and geopolitical benefits to the country.”

Consequently SunSpace directors were given an opportunity to present a business plan for long term viability of the entity but the plan did not convince government that sustainability would be possible without government funding.

Hanekom explained that on the basis of all available information the Deloitte report’s suggestion that incorporating SunSpace staff within SANSA became the chosen option going forward.