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Gina Shines Light on Master Plans

May 25, 2022

Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

The sector-specific master plans are paying dividends in terms of job creation, economic transformation, localisation and sustaining jobs.

In a statement, the trade, industry and competition department confirmed that Master Plans are “action-orientated policies, geared towards boosting local jobs and developing local value chains”.

The deputy minister of trade, industry and competition, Nomalungelo Gina, highlighted the successes during the department’s Budget Vote last week.

Master Plans have so far been developed in six sectors, namely Automotive; Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather; Sugar; Poultry; Steel and Metal Fabrication and Furniture.

The master plans are in various stages of implementation.

Gina described the master plans as key pillars of re-industrialising the South African economy.

She added that government was “impressed that there was no stakeholder in all economic sectors that is not committed to the re-industrialisation agenda, hence the tangible progress and achievements registered in the implementation of the plans”.