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Foxwood Dam Proposed for Eastern Cape

August 21, 2019

Department of Water and Sanitation

21 August 2019

A new dam is on the cards for the Eastern Cape.

The water and sanitation department has invited comment on the proposed Foxwood Dam in Government Gazette 42636.

The proposed dam will be situated near the town of Adelaide in the Eastern Cape Province.

According to the notice, the “proposed Foxwood Dam will regulate the variable runoff in the Koonap River to make water available for irrigation development”.

The plan is also for the dam to supply “high assurance water” to Adelaide.

The estimated cost of building the dam is set at R2 511 million and it is designed to store a total of 55 million cubic metres of water.

Irrigation for the agricultural sector will be a major benefit of the proposed dam.

A key operational requirement for the proposed irrigation scheme is to acquire the use of the land along the Koonap River identified for irrigation development.

“The land (13 000 hectares) would have to be acquired by the State or the current land owners could become partners in the envisaged development.”

The proposed Foxwood Dam project will also “have both positive and negative impacts that include stimulation of the economy, relocation of dwellings and infrastructure, increased tourism opportunities, job creation and skills development, stimulation of small businesses and construction impacts”.

Comment is invited until 31 October 2019.

Meanwhile, the department, in Notice 1070, announced the limiting of the use of water for irrigation, industrial and domestic purposes from the uMhlathuze (Goedetrouw) water supply system in KwaZulu-Natal.

The department holds the view that a water shortage exists in the uMhlathuze River upstream of the Goedetrouw Dam catchment in KZN due to insufficient rains.

Consequently, it is necessary to limit the taking of water from this Dam/System.

A 25% restriction on the use of water for irrigation purposes, 20% restriction on the use of water for domestic use and a 7.5% restriction on the use of water for industrial use from the Goedetrouw Dam is in place.