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Food Distribution Programmes to be Intensified

May 4, 2020

Department of Social Development

The social development department and the South African Social Security Agency food and nutrition distribution programmes will be intensified.

The department announced this in a statement on recent remarks by the social development minister, Lindiwe Zulu, on Coronavirus COVID-19 economic and social measures.

Other social relief and social revitalisation programmes in the pipeline include:

• upscaling existing programmes and innovating new and responsive ones through partnerships that target and mitigate the growing COVID-19-induced human and social calamity;
• gazetting directions that will enable the department and its portfolio to develop, administer and implement the relevant programme eligibility criteria and benefits;
• systematically and efficiently designing programme targets and building wastage and misappropriation management mechanisms into them;
• strengthening COVID-19-targeted partnerships with private and civic including NPOs, academic-research and multilateral partners; and
• including social development infrastructure in the forthcoming infrastructure build programme.

As regards the movement of children during the lockdown, proposals have been drawn up to include a form that will facilitate permission for the movement of children inter-provincially that will also include children with parents/caregivers with informal co-parenting arrangements.

According to the department, this will be gazetted soon.

Amendments to the regulations are also on the cards that will allow children that have visited family members and now need to return to their parents to be able to do so.

In terms of the Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant, directed at the unemployed, directions outlining how the grant will be implemented will be published.

“The system will go live immediately when the regulations are published and we envisage to start making payments by the 15th of May 2020.”