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Food and Nutrition Security Plan 2018-2023 Under Construction

March 18, 2019

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

18 March 2019

A National Food and Nutrition Security Plan 2018-2023 is being finalized.

The agriculture, forestry and fisheries department revealed this during a briefing in parliament on the overview of progress made in putting the Plan in place.

The Plan flows from the Food and Nutrition Security Policy approved by Cabinet in 2013.

The department pointed out that, in comparison to 5 similar developing countries, South Africa does not yet have a single or coherent strategy, policy or regulatory system to realise the right to food as set out in the Constitution.

There is also no coordinating body to hold line ministries accountable and ensure the participation of the private sector, experts and civil society organizations.

Under the leadership of the Office of the Deputy President, an Inter-Governmental Technical Working Group was set up to develop the Plan.

The Plan’s immediate goals are to establish a governance and leadership system; review current policies and strategies; reform the current duplicated and uncoordinated delivery of FSN interventions and ensure the implementation of strategic and comprehensive FSN initiatives in a coordinated manner.

Meanwhile, the department also recently briefed parliament on the progress made on implementation of the Poultry Task Team recommendations.

According to the department, the Task Team met on 8 March 2019 to assess progress made on the action plan and engage on the report on the Poultry Master Plan.

Significant progress has been made on the development of the Master Plan for the improvement of  the poultry industry.

The development of the Master Plan consists of a review of global trade data, production, investment and employment and setting down the current state of activities in the domestic poultry sector.

In another briefing, the department provided an update on the report presented at a food security and food safety workshop held in February 2016.

The department reported that a legislative review and gap analysis of various pieces of food safety legislation is underway; rationalization of legislation is also underway such as food quality aspects originally promulgated under the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act to be transferred and regulated under the Agricultural Products Standards Act; a feasibility study to consider the various options to handle food control will follow the conclusion of the legislative review; the science and technology department, in collaboration with DAFF and NRF, is in the process of establishing a Community of Practice (Research Champions) on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Risk Analysis; a laboratory approval policy for microbiological testing of raw meat is at the final stages of approval; feasibility of regulating information requirements from private food testing laboratories has been included in the legislative review and, in collaboration with the Consumer Goods Council, relevant departments are working towards the establishment of an integrated product identification and traceability system that would enable inspectors to access previous audit/inspection reports within the food chain.