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Findings Document on Independent Broadcasting Authority Regulations Drawn Up

April 13, 2022

Independent Communications Authority

The Findings Document on the Review of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (Advertising, Infomercials and Programme Sponsorship) Regulations has been drawn up.

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) published the Findings Document in Government Gazette 46211 in terms of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act.

A Discussion Document on the review was published for comment in March 2021.

According to ICASA, seven submissions were received and hearings were held in July 2021.

The findings focus on findings on the Regulations and Audio and Audio-Visual Draft White Paper; effectiveness of the current Regulations; definition of advertising, infomercials and programme sponsorship; impact of the current advertising Regulations on the financial viability of broadcasters and the balancing act between sustainability of broadcasters relating to revenue generation through sponsorships, infomercials and advertising, with the need to protect consumers.

The Findings Document deals with advertising revenue; audio and audio-visual content services (AAVCS) – draft white paper; proposed regulatory approach; recent trends on advertisements, infomercials and programme sponsorship revenues and response to specific questions on the discussion document.

ICASA holds the view that the advertising regulations are not stringent and they “strike a balance between public interest and viability of broadcasters”.

Draft Regulations Regarding Advertising, Infomercials and Programme Sponsorships are also published for comment.

They apply to every broadcasting service licensee that provides a television broadcasting service and a sound broadcasting service.

They focus on code of advertising practice; advertising; infomercials and programme sponsorship.

Comment is invited until 1 June 2022.