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Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for Lubricant Oil Drawn Up

April 1, 2022

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

A Draft Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for the lubricant oil sector has been drawn up.

The forestry, fisheries and the environment department published the draft producer responsibility scheme in Government Gazette 46134 for comment.

It was drawn up in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act.

Regulations Regarding Extended Producer Responsibility were published in November 2020.

The Regulations are designed to provide the framework for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of extended producer responsibility schemes by producers in terms of section 18 of the act; ensure the effective and efficient management of the identified end-of-life products and encourage and enable the implementation of the circular economy initiatives.

According to the department, the notice applies to the listed oil products or class of oil products and the resulting waste arising from use by a consumer or an end user in South Africa.

The notice focuses on extended producer responsibility measures; identification of a product or class of products where extended producer responsibility applies and the targets for each identified waste stream for lubricant oils.

Producers of lubricant oils will be expected to set up procedures, processes and invest resources to implement the extended producer responsibility measures linked to the collection, transportation and storage of products in the post-consumer stage; reuse; recycling and recovery.

Comment is invited within 30 days of the date of publication.