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Eskom Political Task Team Under the Spotlight

November 11, 2020

The Presidency

The Eskom Political Task Team has agreed that the Just Energy Transition should be implemented in a phased manner over a period of time in order to transition Eskom to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The task team met at the end of last week under the chairmanship of deputy president David Mabuza.

In a statement, the presidency indicated that the Political Task Team also directed that a “concurrent plan within the District Development Model framework, must be considered during the implementation of the Just Energy Transition in order to ensure the sustainability of surrounding communities where power stations are located”.

The Just Energy Transition is described as a “transition towards a low carbon, climate resilient economy and society in a manner that does not impede socio-economic development”.

The meeting received a progress report on the payment of municipal debts to Eskom, debts owed by organs of state to municipalities, and also considered proposals on resolving current Eskom debt.

In an earlier statement, the presidency pointed out that the Task Team was set up by president Ramaphosa to provide political leadership support to ensure that Eskom is able to provide electricity and develop and implement a credible and transparent national maintenance programme to ensure that power generation plants operate at optimal levels to reduce negative impacts of electricity supply disruptions.

The meeting also decided that the “culture of non-payment of services should be discouraged and be decisively dealt with”.

“The sustainability of Eskom is in the best interest of the country! If we do not make a change and ensure that services are paid for, we will not have a country left, it is for this reason that we are calling on all of us to join the campaign to encourage citizens to pay for the services they
receive so that municipalities are able to collect revenue, meet their debt obligations to Eskom, and provide quality services to the communities,” said deputy president Mabuza.