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Environmental Oversight Role for Civil Aviation Authority on the Cards

October 6, 2016

Department of Transport

A draft bill designed to give the South African Civil Aviation Authority an environmental oversight function has been published in Government Gazette 40326 for comment.

The transport department invites comment on the Draft Civil Aviation Amendment Bill within 30 days of the date of publication of the notice.

The proposed legislation also seeks to, inter alia:

• Amend and insert new definitions in the Civil Aviation Act;
• Rectify references to certain ministries and government departments;
• Amend Chapter 4 of the Act so as to make provision for the operational independence of the accident and incident investigation;
• Rectify the provision regarding the establishment of the Civil Aviation Authority;
• Do away with the requirement for the development of a corporate government plan;
• Amend the provisions relating to the appointment and removal of the chief executive officer of the Civil Aviation Authority and matters related to his or her functions and responsibilities;
• Provide for the appointment of the acting chief executive officer;
• Provide for the designation of chairperson of the National Aviation Security Committee;
• Authorize the minister to issue exemptions;
• Provide for additional enforcement mechanisms;
• Extend the power of the minister to make regulations; and
• Dispense with the establishment of consultative structures.

Written comment can be emailed to civilaviation@dot.gov.za.

In a separate matter, the department has published, in the same Gazette, the performance agreement between the minister of transport, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Board and the Director of Civil Aviation.

The performance agreement regulates the working relationship between the transport minister, the CAA Board and the Director of Civil Aviation and sets down the key performance indicators for the CAA.

Meanwhile, the department has published Railway Safety Regulator Standards in Gazette 40312.

The standards deal with requirements for systemic engineering and operational safety standards for rolling stock and railway stations, fatigue management and occurrence management.

The standards came into force on the date of publication.