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Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Bill Tabled

December 11, 2017

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

A bill that seeks to put an electronic deeds registration system in place has been tabled in parliament.

The Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Bill was published for comment in March 2017.

The proposed legislation aims to provide for electronic deeds registration, having regard to legislation regulating electronic communication and transactions.

According to the bill’s memorandum, the Office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds embarked on a project for the implementation of e-commerce principles so as to facilitate an Electronic Deeds Registration System (e-DRS).

The e-DRS will provide for, inter alia, the registration of large volumes of deeds effectively; improved turn-around times for providing registered deeds and documents to clients; provide country wide access to deeds registration services; enhanced accuracy of examination and registration; availability of information to the public; and security features including confidentiality, non-repudiation, integrity and availability.

The portfolio committee on rural development and land reform will now process the bill.