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DSBD Updates Parliament on Q2 Performance

November 21, 2019

Department of Small Business Development

21 November 2019

The process of incorporating position papers into a Draft National Small Enterprise Amendment Bill is underway.

The small business development department confirmed this during a briefing on its Quarter 2 Performance Report (July – September 2019) in parliament.

The department added that the business unit has had internal engagements and has incorporated positions, amendments and inputs into the draft bill.

In a recent briefing on its 2018/19 annual report, the department indicated that policy positions include Alternative Dispute Resolution and institutional arrangements.

A review of the act was undertaken to introduce standard definitions, greater policy and programme harmonisation as well as improved monitoring of the impact of government and private sector investment in small business and cooperatives development.

A further round of consolidation on the proposed legislation will be undertaken with relevant agencies.

The department also informed the portfolio committee on small business development that stakeholder engagements on the Draft Ombuds Services Bill were finalised in July 2019.

A technical clause is under discussion with the Office of the Chief State Law Advisor.

According to the department, the Chief State Law Advisor has been requested to address and attend to the legislative component of the establishment of the Ombud Service. The business unit is to provide oversight on the matter.

With regard to a Draft Small Enterprise Development Masterplan, a Stakeholder Matrix, Consultation Plan, Terms of Reference for Task Team and Draft Masterplan Framework have been developed.

Draft Guidelines for a Blended Financing Model have also been drawn up.