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DSBD to Foster Enabling Environment for SMMEs

May 27, 2022

Department of Small Business Development

The small business development department aims to create an enabling environment for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) and Co-operatives to operate in.

The department highlighted this in a briefing in parliament on its 2022/23 Annual Performance Plan.

Plans to achieve this include:

  • amending the National Small Enterprise Act and drawing up the Draft Small Enterprise Ombuds Service Bill;
  • providing for a simple and enabling framework for procedures for application of licensing of business by setting national norms and standards;
  • repealing the Businesses Act of 1991;
  • finalising the SMMEs and Co-operatives Funding Policy to ensure improved access to affordable finance for SMMEs and Co-operatives; and
  • Red Tape Reduction Programme to be implemented in partnership with provinces, ensuring that the growth of SMMEs and Co-operatives is not hindered by the red tape measures that exist in the system.

Other priorities include speeding up implementation of the Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme; implementing the Localisation Policy Framework and Implementation Programme on SMMEs and Co-operatives; Small Enterprise Manufacturing Programme; facilitating and ensuring the increase in the number of competitive small businesses and co-operatives is supported and sustaining SMMEs and Co-operatives by linking them to markets through an e-commerce platform.