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DSAC Shines Light on COVID-19 Relief Fund

September 16, 2020

Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

The sports, arts and culture department has consulted with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) on the tax registration of applicants to the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

In a statement on the second wave and reopening of the creative industry, the department confirmed that tax registration is a mandatory requirement.

According to the department, challenges experienced by potential applicants in terms of their tax registration status have been observed.

The department pointed out that SARS has indicated that “potential applicants can register as tax payers in order to secure the documents required to submit their application”.

The turnaround time to process the applications is 24 hours and, once registered, applicants are then able to provide proof of tax registration thus allowing them to submit applications.

“It is important to note that the Department can only disburse funds to arts practitioners who make a living from the arts industry and therefore, a certified bank letter is an acceptable recommendation.”

The department also confirmed that it agreed to a recommendation by the sector organisations to accept referrals.

The department also announced that it has resumed consultation on the Employment Stimulus Package and this is ongoing.

“Beneficiaries of this intervention will be individual creatives, organisations, institutions and other businesses within the creative industries, who meet the criteria.”

The Stimulus Package “Objective Two” will be made available to all formations, NPO’s, NGO’s, theatres, independent and semi-independent theatres, theatre makers and community theatre organisations in order to ensure the sustained visibility of the arts industry.

The department also emphasized that proposals from the sector have been taken to government and government is “favourably looking at the re-opening of the economy, including the creative economy”.

Pronouncements will be made in due course.