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Draft Standards Published for Comment

November 4, 2019

Department of Trade and Industry

4 November 2019

Draft standards have been published for comment.

The trade and industry department published the proposed standards in Government Gazette 42812 in terms of the Standards Act.

Draft standards include information technology – security techniques – information security management systems- guidance; reference materials – guidance for characterization and assessment of homogeneity and stability; anti-bribery management systems – requirements with guidance for use; explosive atmospheres part 6: equipment protection by liquid immersion “o”; installation of fibre optic cables; gaseous fire-extinguishing systems – physical properties and system design part 9: HFC 227ea extinguishant; energy management systems – requirements with guidance for use and programmable controllers – part 9: single-drop digital communication interface for small sensors and actuators (SDCI).

Proposed amendments to existing standards have also been published for comment.

Draft amendments include concrete retaining blocks; concrete poles for telephone, power and lighting purposes; precast concrete kerbs, edgings and channels; coal and coke – analysis and testing – determination of trace elements – determination of arsenic, antimony and selenium – hydride generation method and flexible electric trailing cables for use in mines part 2: cables with operating voltages of 3,8/6,6 kV to 19/33 kV.

New, amended and withdrawn standards are also listed.

Meanwhile, the department published two Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) in Gazette 42812:

• Notice 1410 – MOU between the Ports Regulator and the Broad -Based Black Economic Empowerment Commission – designed to share relevant information as it relates to broad -based black economic empowerment and transformation;
• Notice 1411 – MOU between Broad -Based Black Economic Empowerment Commission and the national liquor authority- designed to facilitate transformation in the local liquor industry.