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Draft Regulations on Standards for Emergency Medical Services Drawn Up

February 18, 2021

Department of Health

Draft Regulations designed to promote and protect the health and safety of patients and emergency health care personnel have been drawn up.

The health department published the Draft Regulations Relating to the Standards for Emergency Medical Services in Government Gazette 44161 for comment.

The Draft Regulations were drawn up in terms of the National Health Act.

The Draft Regulations apply to Emergency Medical Services to the extent specified in the measurement tools obtainable from the health department.

The Draft Regulations focus on patient rights; clinical governance and clinical care; clinical support services; leadership and governance; operational management and facilities and infrastructure.

Draft provisions include that emergency medical services must have systems in place to ensure that patients are treated with dignity at all times; stations must ensure that accurate records of the health care services provided to patients are created and maintained; safety protocols in relation to the administration of medicines must be made available to protect patients from medication errors; medical equipment management programmes must be implemented and provincial health departments must oversee and support the emergency medical services.

Comment is invited within three months of the date of publication.