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Draft Regulations on Notifiable Railway Occurrences Drawn Up

March 13, 2020

Department of Transport

Draft regulations designed to ensure that notifiable railway occurrences are adequately managed within railway operators’ Safety Management Systems have been drawn up.

The transport department published the Draft Regulations Regarding the Category and Type of all Notifiable Railway Occurrences to be Reported to the Chief Executive Officer of the Railway Safety Regulator in Government Gazette 43085.

The proposed regulations were drawn up in terms of the National Railway Safety Regulator Act.

The draft regulations focus on the reporting of notifiable railway occurrences to the Chief Executive Officer, within the manner required in the regulations; management of all notifiable occurrences; the provision of all the information required by the Chief Executive Officer as per the regulation and the management of the scene of a notifiable occurrence and the preservation of evidence where reasonably practicable.

Railway operators that need to put in place systems and procedures for the reporting of notifiable occurrences include network operators, train operators, station operators; or a combination of network, train and station operator.

Notifiable railway occurrences that need to be reported to the Chief Executive Officer include operational railway safety occurrences; security-related railway occurrences; railway occurrences related to the transportation of dangerous goods; crowd-related railway occurrences and industrial action-related railway occurrences.

The draft regulations also deal with railway occurrence reporting and additional occurrence reporting to be submitted.

Railway occurrence reporting focuses on immediate telephonic notification (within 15 minutes); immediate written notification (within 12 hours); the daily occurrence report and ad hoc reports.

Comment on the draft regulations is invited within 60 days of the date of publication.