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Draft Regulations for IK Act on Track

September 3, 2020

Department of Science and Innovation

Draft regulations for the Protection, Promotion, Development and Management of Indigenous Knowledge Systems Act are currently with the science and innovation department’s Legal Service Unit for legal certainty.

The department confirmed this in a briefing to parliament on the act.

The act was signed into law in August 2019.

The act aims to provide for:

• the protection, promotion, development and management of indigenous knowledge;
• the establishment and functions of the National Indigenous Knowledge Systems Office;
• the management of rights of indigenous knowledge communities;
• the establishment and functions of the Advisory Panel on indigenous knowledge;
• access and conditions of access to knowledge of indigenous communities;
• the recognition of prior learning;
• the facilitation and coordination of indigenous knowledge-based innovation; and
• matters incidental thereto.

The department added that, once legal certainty has been established, the draft regulations will be placed before an interdepartmental committee for consultation before consultation with the general public.

The plan is to publish the draft regulations for comment in the second quarter of 2021 and for the final regulations to be gazetted in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The department also briefed parliament on its revised 2020/21 Annual Performance Plan.

The department confirmed that the special adjustment budget resulted in a budget cut of R1,435 billion for the department with R324 million set aside to support COVID-19 initiatives.

Affected areas include parliamentary grants and human resource development.

During a briefing on its first quarter performance and financial report (April to June 2020), the department pointed out that R35 million of Health Innovation and HIV prevention and treatment funding was diverted to COVID-19 research with 14 research projects approved so far; R15 million realigned for immune modulations, antiviral therapies, clinical trials, product development and SMME support and the indigenous knowledge-based COVID-19 research team was set up.