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Draft Aquaculture Bill Released for Comment

February 24, 2016

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

The Draft Aquaculture Bill has been published for comment.

The agriculture, forestry and fisheries department published the draft bill in Notice 78 in Government Gazette 39713.

The draft bill is based on the Policy for the Development of a Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture Sector in South Africa which was published in Notice 1519 in Government Gazette 29331 on 3 November 2006.

The deadline for written submissions via post, hand, e-mail or telefax is 31 March 2016.

The department has also published the Animal Identification Act: Veterinary Public Health revised annual fees.

Some of the fees published in Notice 3 in Gazette 39718, include:

• Registration of an animal identification mark: The new tariff applicable from 1 April 2016 is R126 per application. The old tariff was R120 per application; and
• Application for duties of pound master in terms of section 14 of the Act: The new tariff applicable from 1 April 2016 is R126 per application. The old tariff was R120 per application.

Notice 2 in the same Gazette contains revised fees relating to establishments, varieties, plants and propagating material drawn up in terms of the Plant Improvement Act.

An application for an export certificate will cost R78 while the application fee in respect of the recognition of a variety will cost R1 255.

Meanwhile, the South African Veterinary Council has published notice 14 in Gazette 39709 inviting nominations to serve on the Council as its Laboratory Animal Technologist.

Registered laboratory animal technologists are entitled to nominate one laboratory animal technologist.

The nomination form must be submitted to the Registrar of the Council by 16:00 on Monday 29 February 2016.

An election manifesto consisting of not more than 200 words, must accompany the nomination form and include certain elements listed in the notice.