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DPSA Shines Light on National School of Government

October 9, 2019

Department of Public Service and Administration

9 October 2019

The National School of Government (NSG) needs to play a significant role as a hub for government policy development.

The minister for public service and administration, Senzo Mchunu, declared this during a speech at the 20th Public Service Trainers’ Forum Conference in Midrand.

According to the minister, the NSG also needs to assist government departments and officials in areas of policy research, implementation and refinement.

To assist with policy development, the NSG also needs to participate in the training of director-generals and ministers.

The minister also pointed out that public servants will be up-skilled in terms of policy development.

Reference was made to resolutions of the 54th ANC National Conference that “resolved that the transformation and modernisation of public administration should deal comprehensively with human resource development, capacity building and professionalisation of the public administration and establishment of necessary systems and processes”.

The Conference also resolved that the NSG “must play a central coordinating role in capacitating employees in all spheres of government, provide support for talent management and provide guidance for appointments, succession planning and career development”.

The minister clarified that specific interventions such as the setting up of national competency assessment functions, implementation of a public service-wide skills database and policy proposals for putting compulsory competence requirements for certain occupational categories in place are required.

He confirmed that the “erosion of good governance, accountability and consequence management in public institutions has to be addressed head on”.

The minister indicated that the NSG is “poised to be a catalyst for change and assume its rightful place as training/learning solution provider for government that responds timeously to critical training needs and identified skills gaps”.