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DMRE on Immediate Measures to Ensure Energy Supply

December 11, 2019

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy

11 December 2019

Short and medium-term interventions to both the electricity and energy challenges facing South Africa are under consideration.

The mineral resources and energy department confirmed this in a statement on immediate measures to ensure energy supply for the country.

Interventions include:

• Publication of the Request for Information (RFI).
• Promulgate Section 34 determinations.
• IPPs to bring Window 4 capacity on stream earlier.
• Drive for the use of LPG gas.

As regards publication of the RFI, the department pointed out that the lead time for generation projects under normal circumstances is anything from 36 months onwards.

“The RFI will enable the Department to have a sense of immediate generation options available (3 to 12 months) to help fill the short-term gap. This will then enable the Department to design an appropriate intervention in the immediate term.”

The department committed to develop adequate generation capacity to meet electricity demand as an urgent and immediate task in order to ensure economic growth.