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DMR Amends Explosives Regulations

September 14, 2018

Department of Mineral Resources

New regulations relating to competent persons for explosives have been drawn up.

The mineral resources department published the amended regulations in Government Gazette 41904 in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

The amendments come into effect three months after the date of publication.

They focus on certificates recognised by the department that qualify the holder to be regarded as a competent person.

The certificates include blasting and rock breaker certificates.

Meanwhile, in Notice 953, the department also published amended regulations relating to explosives in terms of the act.

Some of the issues covered in the regulations include security in respect of explosives, storage of explosives, issuing of explosives, approved explosives and the usage of explosives at mines, precautionary measures before initiating explosive charges, precautions after charges have been initiated, precautionary measures for marking, drilling and blasting and general precautions.

The amended regulations come into effect three months after the date of publication.

In a separate matter, a Mineral Investment Promotion Strategy has been developed.

The mineral resources department announced this during a recent briefing in parliament on its 4th quarterly report for 2017/2018.

Progress on the shale gas research project has also been made with 5 boreholes drilled.