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Dispensing Fees for Pharmacists Adjusted

July 12, 2022

Department of Health

The dispensing fees for pharmacists have been adjusted.

The health department published the adjusted fees in Government Gazette 46688 in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act.

The Regulations Relating to a Transparent Pricing System for Medicines and Scheduled Substances were first published in 2005.

The dispensing fees include:

• Single exit price less than R122.18 – R16.85 plus 46% of the price;
• Single exit price between R122.18 and R325.79 – R31.26 plus 33% of price;
• Single exit price between R325.79 and R1176.22 – R89.32 plus 15% of price; and
• Single exit price of R1176.22 and above – R207.88 plus 5% of price.

According to the notice, the dispensing fees are reviewed on an annual basis taking considerations such as availability and affordability, the inflation rate and information supplied by pharmacists into account.

All invoices for purchased medicines must show the dispensing fee charged and the single exit price.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 46681, the department published Regulations Regarding the Registration and Training of Student Dental Technicians and Student Dental Technologists.

The Regulations were drawn up in terms of the Dental Technicians Act.

The Regulations focus on, inter alia, advisory committee; approval of training institutions: procedure in applying for permission, accreditation and evaluation of training; duration of accreditation; withdrawal of accreditation; composition of the evaluation panel; registration of student dental technician or student dental technologist; information to be supplied by an approved institution; syllabus; examinations; completion of academic years of study; assessment of the final summative practical examinations at approved institutions and offences.