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Disaster Management Act Regulations Amended

October 12, 2021

Department of Cooperative Governance

Disaster Management Act Regulations have been amended.

The cooperative governance department published the amended Regulations in Government Gazette 45297.

New subregulations (10) (11) and (12) are inserted into Regulation 69.

They stipulate that spectators at sports events are allowed but limited to 750 persons or less for indoor venues and 2000 persons or less for outdoor venues.

If venues are too small to hold the numbers with adequate social distancing then not more than 50% of the capacity of the venue may be used.

The attendance of sporting events by spectators was removed from the list of specific exclusions in Table 4.

The amendments came into effect on the date pf publication.

Meanwhile, the deputy president, David Mabuza, speaking at the Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccination social mobilisation campaign “return to play – it’s in your hands” in Durban, described the Covid-19 vaccines as the “ticket back to normalcy”.

“We have it in our power to change direction. We are seeing how those countries that have vaccinated enough of their people, are back to certain degree of normal life”, he said.

The deputy president pointed out that about 27 million adults in South Africa are yet to vaccinate.

“Therefore, we must increase speed in order to reach our target of 70 percent adult population by the end of December this year”, he said.

The deputy president pointed out that South Africa needs to “vaccinate about 358 000 people on a 7-day average to reach the set target by end of December 2021”.

“This is a milestone we have set for ourselves, which will prepare the country to save 20 thousand lives that could be lost during the expected fourth wave infections”, he added.