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Disaster Management Act Regulations Amended

October 4, 2021

Department of Cooperative Governance

Disaster Management Act Regulations have been amended.

The cooperative governance department published the amended Regulations in Government Gazette 45253.

A new Chapter 6 on Adjusted Alert Level 1 is inserted.

Measures to apply during Adjusted Alert Level 1 include:

• Curfew from 12 midnight to 4 am. Non-essential establishments such as restaurants, bars and fitness centres to close by 11 pm to allow their employees and patrons to travel home before the start of the curfew.
• Maximum number of people permitted to gather indoors to increase from 250 to 750 and outdoors from 500 to 2000 – where the venue is too small to accommodate these numbers with appropriate social distancing, then no more than 50 per cent of the capacity of the venue may be used. This includes religious services, political events and social gatherings, as well as restaurants, bars, taverns and similar places.
• Maximum number of people permitted at a funeral to increase from 50 to 100. Night vigils, after-funeral gatherings and ‘after-tears’ gatherings not allowed.
• Sale of alcohol – for both off-site and on-site consumption – permitted, according to normal licence provisions. No alcohol to be sold after 11 pm.
• Wearing of masks in public places still mandatory and failure to wear a mask when required remains a criminal offence.
• Night clubs remain closed.
• Attendance of sporting events by spectators not allowed.

In Notice 959, the department determined, in terms of the act, that Adjusted Alert Level 1 applies nationally from 1 October 2021.