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Directives on COVID-19 for Courts Issued

March 23, 2020

Office of the Chief Justice

Directives designed to address, prevent and curb the spread of COVID-19 In all court precincts in South Africa have been issued.

The office of the chief justice published the directives in Government Gazette 43117.

The directives, issued by the chief justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng, shall remain in force for 60 days from date of publication unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

The directives focus on restricted access to the court precinct and use of Audio Visual Remand centres and other electronic communication means for postponing cases.

Persons with a material interest in a case will be allowed to enter court precincts.

Non-essential visitors will only be allowed into court precincts with the permission of the Head of Court.

Witnesses residing in foreign countries will not be summonsed to attend a trial in South Africa.