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Directions to Combat COVID-19 in the Air Services Amended

October 2, 2020

Department of Transport

Directions to combat COVID-19 in the air services have been amended.

The transport department published the amended Directions in Government Gazette 43752 in terms of Disaster Management Act Regulations.

A new Direction 5 on international and domestic flights is inserted.

It stipulates that international flights to and from South Africa, as well as domestic flights within the country, are permitted.

Conditions governing international flights with effect from 1 October 2020 are set down.

In terms of international outbound flights, passengers have to provide a negative PCR test certificate or a valid COVID-19 negative test certificate.

An amendment to Direction 6 stipulates that the loading and off-loading of air cargo in and out of International Airports, designated as Ports of Entry, is permitted.

Other Directions in the transport sector include:

• Gazette 43753 – amended Directions to combat COVID-19 at sea ports – new Direction 6 on foreign crew changes and prohibition of cruise ships calling at sea ports and new Direction 7 on passenger ships visiting South African sea port.
• Gazette 43754 – Directions to combat COVID-19 in cross-border road transport for alert level 1 – cross-border road transport passenger services permitted to operate from 1 October 2020.

The Directions came into effect on the date of publication.