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Directions on Sports Councils to Combat COVID-19 Drafted

April 14, 2020

Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

Directions on extensions of terms of office of sports councils to combat COVID-19 have been published.

The sports, arts and culture department published the directions in Government Gazette 43226.

The directions aim to prescribe temporary measures or steps necessary to manage COVID-19, provide directions to officials of the department and councils and boards of relevant public entities, extend the term of office of boards and councils and suspend sport, arts and cultural events in order to prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19.

Councils and boards can be extended from the date of expiry until the national state of disaster ends if it is impossible or impractical to reconstitute the council or board as a result of the lockdown necessitated by COVID-19.

All sporting, arts, cultural and religious events are also suspended until the minister directs otherwise or the state of disaster ends, whichever occurs first.

The directions came into effect on the date of publication.