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Directions on Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets and Coffee Shops Set Down

June 30, 2020

Department of Tourism

The tourism department has outlined Directions for all restaurants, fast food outlets and coffee shops.

The Directions were outlined in a statement on Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Tourism Sector Directions.

They flow from amended Disaster Management Act Regulations published in Government Gazette 43476.

The Directions focus on records to be kept and screening, sanitising and Personal Protective Equipment.

Other directions covered in the statement include hotels, lodges, bed and breakfast, time shares facilities, resorts and guest houses; conference and meetings and casinos.

All sectors will be expected to adhere to directions on the training of employees including the wearing of masks, use of Personal Protective Equipment; social distancing; cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and surfaces and handling of orders and delivery to customers.

The regulations came into effect today.

Meanwhile, the portfolio committee on tourism has called for submissions on the transformation of the tourism sector.

The committee invites “members of civil society, in all formations, to make submissions on the ways and strategies to expedite transformation in the tourism sector in South Africa”.

“The information is intended to engage the government on critical success factors needed to expedite transformation. This will help the committee to hold government accountable on tourism transformation matters raised by the citizens.”

The committee plans to host an annual Parliamentary Tourism Transformation Summit every September.

Submissions are invited until 31 July 2020.