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Directions on Full-Time Return to Schools Drawn Up

February 15, 2022

Department of Basic Education

Directions on the full-time return of learners to schools have been drawn up.

The basic education department published the Directions in Government Gazette 45877 in terms of Disaster Management Act Regulations.

The Directions are designed to provide for arrangements for the return of educators, officials and learners to schools, hostels and offices.

They also aim to ensure a uniform approach, as far as possible, in terms of arrangements by the department and provincial departments for the return of learners and officials to schools, hostels and offices.

The Directions apply to all schools, hostels and offices; learners; officials; third parties and governing bodies and school boards.

Issues covered include entry to school premises; return of all learners to daily attendance and traditional time tabling model; learners with special educational needs; school hostels; sport and extracurricular activities; general safety measures at schools, school hostels and offices for duration of the national state of disaster; symptom screening; sanitizers, disinfectants and masks and learning recovery.

The Directions point out that individuals with a positive Covid-19 test but no symptoms do not have to isolate while those with a positive test and symptoms have to isolate for seven days.

They also stipulated that contact sport, non-contact sport, including training, intra-school and inter- school matches, and all arts and culture intra-school and inter-school activities can resume with spectators.

The Directions came into effect on the date of publication.