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DIRCO Publishes Language Policy for Comment

August 8, 2017

Department of International Relations and Cooperation

The international relations and cooperation department has published its language policy in Government Gazette 38686 for comment.

The proposed policy was drawn up in terms of the Use of Official Languages Act of 2012.

The act requires all national departments, national public entities and national public enterprises to adopt language policies setting out how national languages will be used to communicate with the public in the interests of service delivery.

The department has indicated in its proposed policy that English will be the official language adopted for written communication but attempts will be made to accommodate all official languages, where possible, in terms of verbal communication.

As regards public participation programmes, the chosen language will be determined by the dominant languages of the respective provinces in which programmes are implemented.

All conferences and workshops arranged by the department will be conducted in English.

The policy is available at www.dirco.gov.za.

Written comment on the policy can be emailed to Moultona@dirco.gov.za.