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DHET Draws Up Language Policy

August 12, 2021

Department of Higher Education and Training

The higher education and training department’s revised Language Policy has been drawn up.

The Language Policy, published in Government Gazette 44945, was drafted in terms of the Use of Official Languages Act.

The act gives effect to section six of the Constitution by providing for:

• the regulation and monitoring of the use of official languages for official purposes across national government departments and public entities; and
• the establishment of a national languages unit and departmental languages units.

11 official languages are identified in section 6 of the constitution.

The section also calls on government to actively raise the status of and promote the use of indigenous languages.

All national departments are expected to adopt a language policy on the use of official languages for official purposes.

The policy is designed to “promote the use of official languages, the spirit of multilingualism and social cohesion, as well as to empower previously marginalized languages in the department”.

Official languages for the department’s head office are English, Sepedi and isizulu.

The department also points out that the use of sign language will be provided for.

In Notice 697, the South African Qualifications Authority called for comment on the intention to recognise the South African Institute of Medico-Legal Experts and to register its two professional designation titles, namely, Certified Medico-Legal Expert and Fellow Medico-Legal Expert.

Comment is also sought on proposed additional designations for Coaches and Mentors of South Africa.

Comment is invited within 30 days of the date of publication.