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Designation of Petroleum Industry Extended

April 15, 2019

Department of Economic Development

15 April 2019

The designation of the petroleum industry in terms of section 10 (3)(b)(iv) of the Competition Act has been extended.

The economic development department published the extension notice in Government Gazette 42391.

The section deals with exemptions from Chapter 2 of the act on prohibited practices.

The designation of the industry has been extended for another three months until 30 June 2019.

It enables the industry to continue coordination between industry stakeholders to ensure security of liquid fuels supply to the local economy.

The department called for comment on the extension in September last year.

A notice announcing the extension was first published in Gazette 42336 at the end of March 2019.

However, it lacked detail on the history and terms of the exemption.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 42391, the department has announced a list of mergers approved by the Competition Tribunal.

Included is the acquisition of Nu-Pro Feeds (Pty) Ltd and Nu-Pro Commodities (Pty) Ltd by VKB AGRI Processors (Pty) Ltd and Oxfordstraat Beleggings Bethlehem (Pty) Ltd; StandardAero Holding Corp. by Dynasty Acquisition Co. Inc; Nasou Via Afrika (Pty) Ltd by Media 24 Boeke (Pty) Ltd and Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Now known as Astron Energy Proprietary Limited) by Glencore South Africa Oil Investments (Pty) Ltd.

In Notice 214, the department provided detail of a complaint referral received by the Tribunal.

Dr Vishalen Munsamy laid a complaint against Duzimed.