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Dental Technicians Council Adjusts Fine for Improper Conduct

April 20, 2021

Department of Health

The fine to be imposed by the Dental Technicians Council for improper or disgraceful conduct has been adjusted.

The health department published the adjusted fine in Government Gazette 44461 in terms of the Dental Technicians Act and on the recommendation of the Council.

The fine now stands at R50 000 and came into effect on 1 March 2021.

In Gazette 44462, the department published an amendment to Regulations Relating to Unmounted Artificial Teeth.

The amended Regulations were drawn up in terms of the act.

New definitions on “financial year”, “dental supplier” and “dental trader” are inserted.

A new Regulation 4 on fees payable is inserted.

The application fee for a permit stands at R12 745 while R11 910 is the cost of the once-off registration fee.
Regulation 5A on cancellation of permit and restoration is also inserted.

Failure to comply with the provisions of the regulations can result in a fine not exceeding R20 000.

In Gazette 44463, amended Regulations Relating to the Registration of Dental Laboratories and Related Matters have been published.

The registration fee for the registration of a dental laboratory is set at R14 015 and the registration fee for a dental laboratory moved by the owner(s) to new premises shall be R 1 755.

The annual fee payable to the Council for all owners, partners or members of a dental laboratory is set at R7 330.