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DEL Shines Light on Job Creation and Preservation

October 24, 2019

Department of Employment and Labour

24 October 2019

The employment and labour department was considering co-ordinating all government efforts to create and preserve jobs going forward.

The department confirmed this in a statement announcing the initiation of a process to review job-loss interventions.

The department added that the consideration included possibly positioning and placing the department to be at the “centre of all economic policy debates so that whatever policy Government comes (up) with is intensely scrutinised so that its impact does not have negative effect on job creation”.

This would position the department as the gatekeeper on government policy in terms of job creation.

Other options on the table related to the reconfiguration of the department to create and preserve jobs include using the department’s agencies for job creation initiatives and utilizing the department’s participation at Nedlac to promote job creation and pursue Job Summit resolutions.

The statement flows from the department’s Public Employment Services (PES) branch strategic workshop held in East London.

Speaking at the workshop, the department’s director-general, Thobile Lamati, declared that the department had for years been an “enforcer of laws, and now needs to re-orientate itself on the new role of employment creation and preservation”.

Issues under discussion at the workshop include the role of PES branch in the newly reconfigured department, forging links between labour activation programs and employment schemes, labour migration policy, future of work and implications for employment services.

The department also confirmed that it has “begun a process to review its interventions to deal with the threat posed by unemployment or loss of jobs due to companies experiencing financial distress”.