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DEL Shines Light on Compensation Fund Claims

July 28, 2020

Department of Employment and Labour

A total of 2361 claims have been lodged for compensation with regard to COVID-19 exposure at work.

In a statement, the employment and labour department added that, of these, 1412 have been lodged directly with the Compensation Fund (CF) while 900 were lodged with Rand Mutual and 49 with Federated Employees.

In terms of all claims received directly by CF, 55% have been accepted, 9.7% have been rejected and 35.1% are pending adjudication.

Of those lodged directly with CF, the highest number of claimants come from the Western Cape with 1068 claims. Liability has been accepted for a total of 590 cases, 115 repudiated and 363 are pending adjudication.

Claims in other provinces include:

• Eastern Cape with 160 claims of which 78 have been accepted, 4 repudiated and 78 are pending adjudication;
• KwaZulu-Natal has the third highest number of claims at 108. A total of 67 have been accepted, 7 repudiated and 34 await adjudication;
• Gauteng has 54 claims of which 31 have been accepted while 7 were repudiated and 16 await adjudication;
• Mpumalanga records 17 claims with a total of 13 accepted, 1 repudiated and 3 await adjudication;
• Limpopo has lodged 3 claims, one has been accepted and 2 repudiated; and
• North West has logged 2 cases, one has been repudiated and one awaits adjudication.

In another statement, the department indicated that just under half of the more than R34-billion paid out so far in Unemployment Insurance Fund COVID-19 TERS relief payments in 3 523 707 payments is in the Gauteng Province via 256 393 employers totaling more than R16.5-billion.

Workers of foreign descent have received just over R1-billion in 256 280 payments via 29 793 employers.

The department confirmed that June payments stand at R4.4-billion.

A total of 3717 inspections at workplaces have been conducted since 27 March.