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DALRRD Seeks List of Agricultural Production Inputs

April 22, 2020

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

The agriculture, land reform and rural development department calls on all interested wholesalers, distributers, or agribusiness outlets to provide a list breakdown of specific agricultural production inputs they have in stock.

This will assist smallholder and communal farmers to complete the current production cycle via emergency procurement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the department indicates that the plan is to issue purchase vouchers to approved farmers who will then purchase from the nearest wholesaler, distributor or agribusiness outlet.

Interested suppliers should, therefore, provide a physical address of their business from where farmers can cash and carry products using vouchers.

According to the department, specific agricultural inputs capped at R50 000,00 per approved smallholder and communal farmer will be provided.

Priority commodities include:

• Poultry: Day old chicks; point of lay chickens; feed; medication; and sawdust.
• Vegetables: Seedlings; fertiliser; pesticides; herbicides; and soil correction.
• Fruit: Fertiliser; pesticides; and herbicides.
• Other livestock: Feed and medication.
• Winter field crops: Soil correction; fertiliser; seeds, herbicides and pesticides.

Potential suppliers can submit vendor forms until 23 April 2020.