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DAFF Shines Spotlight on Producer Development Support

August 13, 2018

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

A Draft National Policy on Comprehensive Producer Development Support has been drawn up.

The agriculture, forestry and fisheries department published the proposed policy in Government Gazette 41811 for comment.

The draft policy will serve as the overall national policy for the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector in South Africa that will regulate and guide interventions provided by government to the various categories of producers.

The draft policy will also guide other stakeholders such as the private sector, civil society organisations and development partners in producer support.

“In doing this, the policy will therefore use a wide array of instruments to support the economic and social prosperity of producers to ensure national as well as household food and nutrition security.”

According to the department, the “main problem facing the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sector is the lack of a comprehensive policy framework to harmonise, guide and regulate the provision of support services to the various categories of producers.”

Some of the specific objectives of the draft policy include defining categories of producers in South Africa, facilitating development of appropriate support services, establishing a comprehensive register of producers, supporting environmentally friendly production practices and putting suitable disaster risk management measures in place.

Some of the issues covered in the draft policy include guiding principles and conditions for producer support, linkages to other policies, categories of producers and their support requirements, policy intervention measures, implementation plan, roles and responsibilities and risk mitigation and management.

Meanwhile, in Notice 428, the department also called for comment on the Draft Climate Smart Agriculture Strategic Framework.

The draft framework sets out the role that climate smart agriculture (CSA) can play in dealing with weaknesses facing the agriculture sector.

Key objectives of the proposed framework include introducing CSA into agriculture, forestry and fisheries plans, programmes and projects; increasing productivity in agriculture-related value chains; enhancing resilience to climatic and weather shocks on agriculture, forestry and fisheries production and food systems and ensuring effective implementation of the Climate Smart Agriculture Framework Programme at national, provincial and local government levels.

Comment on both documents is invited within 60 days of the date of publication.