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Customs and Excise Act Rules Amended

July 27, 2021

South African Revenue Service

Customs and Excise Act Rules have been amended.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) published the amended Rules in Government Gazette 44884.

New rules for Section 64E on accreditation of clients are inserted.

The section focuses on general; levels of accredited client status, application process, validity period and renewal of accredited client status; criteria for levels of accredited client status; benefits for levels of accredited client status; miscellaneous matters and transitional matters.

Rule 60.11 is also amended by the addition of paragraph (d).

It stipulates that the “validity period of a licence is extended until a date determined by the Commissioner in circumstances where a benefit contemplated in rule 64E.15(a)(vii) is awarded to a licensee who is the holder of a Level 2 accredited client status”.

In Notice 649, SARS announced that a new Rule 18.14 to the act on removal of goods in bond is inserted.

Meanwhile, the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA), in Board Notice 81, has called for the nomination of candidates to serve on its Disciplinary Committee.

According to the invitation, the committee is a “statutory Committee tasked with the determination of charges of improper conduct and imposition of appropriate sanctions for improper conduct”.

IRBA seeks four members to serve on the Committee for three years with one renewal.

Nominations are invited until 3 August 2021.