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Critical Skills List Drawn Up

August 4, 2022

Department of Home Affairs

The Critical Skills List has been drawn up.

The home affairs department published the list in Government Gazette 47182 in terms of the Immigration Act.

The preamble of the act states that, in providing for the regulation of admission of foreigners to, their residence in, and their departure from South Africa and for matters connected therewith, the home affairs department must ensure that the South African economy has access at all times to the full measure of needed contributions by foreigners and that the contribution of foreigners in the South African labour market does not adversely impact on existing labour standards and the rights and expectations of South African workers.

Section 19(4) of the act stipulates that, subject to any prescribed requirements, a critical skills work visa may be issued to an individual possessing skills or qualifications determined to be critical for South Africa from time to time by notice in the Gazette.

The list contains the skills or qualifications deemed to be critical for South Africa in relation to an application for a critical skills work visa or permanent permit.

The list focuses on the name of occupation; description; minimum qualification required; and professional body registration.