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COVID-19 Transport Measures Adjusted

April 20, 2020

Department of Transport

The transport department has identified areas in the COVID-19 transport measures that require adjustment in order to achieve lockdown objectives.

Measures were introduced following the imposition of the nationwide lockdown in the form of Regulations and Directions.

According to the department, a review of the implementation of transport measures was conducted.

“The review was aimed at testing the efficacy of these measures and to make a determination on whether there was a need to revise these based on the experience on the ground.”

One adjustment to the regulations is that the movement of wines can no longer occur.

Earlier this month, the directions were adjusted to allow for the export of wines as part of agricultural produce destined for export markets.

“Post the implementation of this Direction concern was raised about the unintended consequences of allowing transportation of wines in the light of the fact that movement of alcohol remained prohibited.”

As regards taxis, the department pointed out that taxis need to park at places where they park overnight once the morning run is completed to avoid the gathering of drivers at taxi ranks.

Relevant directions will be revised accordingly.

The department also indicated that the movement of all cargo is causing blockages at ports as operations to move cargo are in lockdown.

A direction will be drawn up to address this issue in conjunction with the trade and industry department.