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COVID-19 Export Control Regulations Amended

December 2, 2020

Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

Covid-19 Export Control Regulations have been amended.

The trade, industry and competition department published the amended Regulations in Government Gazette 43939.

Section 6 of the International Trade Administration Act empowers the trade, industry and competition minister to prescribe goods that may only be exported under the authority of and in accordance with the conditions stated in a permit issued by the International Trade and Administration Commission.

Covid-19 Export Control Regulations, published in March 2020, stipulated that goods listed in Schedule 4 could not be exported from South Africa except by virtue of an export permit.

According to the latest notice, the amended Regulations remove the restrictions on exports of goods in Schedule 4A and 4B in the Regulations to countries that are member states of the Southern African Customs Union or the Southern African Development Community.

Schedule 4A and 4B were inserted into the Regulations in June 2020.

The amendments came into effect on the date of publication and will remain in force for the duration of the state of disaster.