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Covid-19 Emergency Procurement Strategy Tweaked

April 30, 2020

National Treasury

Measures relating to the Covid-19 Disaster Management Central Emergency Procurement Strategy are being replaced.

In a statement, national treasury indicated that the “replacement follows various representations that have raised concerns about the procurement process, that the approach adopted has excluded a number of domestic suppliers and that it covered too wide an array of goods, especially goods that can be manufactured locally”.

Instruction Note 3 of 2020/21 and Circular 101 are replaced by Instruction Note 5 of 2020/21 for PFMA institutions and Circular 102 for MFMA institutions.

Treasury emphasized that it remains committed to the Constitutional objective of having fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective procurement processes for essential health products to fight COVID-19.

“These processes should be compliant with the country’s imperatives of promoting structural transformation and broadening participation in the economy to strengthen economic development and empowerment of previously disadvantaged groups and individuals.”

According to treasury, the new Instruction Note and Circular will provide measures to put in place for COVID-19 emergency procurement; open the supply of products to all suppliers registered on the Central Supplier database; outline the required PPE item specifications; outline the maximum prices at which government will procure the PPE items and outline the emergency procurement, monitoring and reporting requirement.

Treasury has also released a PPE price list and recommended guidelines on fabric face masks.