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Cosmetics Regulations Under the Spotlight

November 27, 2019

Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries

27 November 2019

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority is considering the revision of the cosmetics regulations.

The environment, forestry and fisheries minister, Barbara Creecy, confirmed this during a speech at the Plastics Colloquium held in Boksburg.

The Plastic Colloquium brought together all key stakeholders from government, industry and civil society to devise clear objectives in order to influence action to reduce littering and the huge quantities of plastic waste that are entering South Africa’s river systems, wetlands and the ocean.

Areas discussed at the colloquium included product standards, product design, integration of the informal waste economy, biodegradable and compostable plastics, infrastructure and consumer education and awareness.

During the environment, forestry and fisheries department 2019/20 budget speech, the minister said that the management of waste, and in particular single-use plastic waste, is a matter that requires urgent attention by government, industry and citizens in general.

The minister also announced that the trade and industry department and the South African Bureau of Standards are working on standards to govern micro-plastics.

The minister also declared that biodegradable and compostable plastics need to be properly researched and understood.

“If they are to have a place in our value chain they need to be regulated with appropriate registration and standards.”

Meanwhile, the department, in Government Gazette 42849, announced its intention to declare an area in the Northern Cape Province, as specified in the notice, a national park (Meerkat) within the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SAROA) Area.

SARAO, a facility of the National Research Foundation, is responsible for managing all radio astronomy initiatives and facilities in South Africa, including the MeerKAT Radio Telescope in the Karoo and South Africa’s contribution to the infrastructure and engineering planning for the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope.

The proposed area covers the Carnarvon and Fraserburg Registration Divisions.

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