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Continuation of Statutory Measure on Soybeans

March 3, 2021

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

The continuation of the statutory measure on soybeans has been announced.

The agriculture, land reform and rural development department announced the continuation in Government Gazette 44189 in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act.

The aim of the statutory measure is to compensate breeders of soybean varieties for their contribution towards obtaining and utilising improved international agriculture related intellectual property to the benefit of the soybean industry in South Africa.

It is administered by the South African Cultivar and Technology Agency NPC.

The levy is set at R57 per metric ton in 2021 and R55 per metric ton in 2022.

The guideline price for soybeans is set at R5 259,33 per metric ton.

The statutory measure came into force on 1 March 2021 and will lapse on 28 February 2023.

In Gazette 44202, the department published revised Deeds Office fees in terms of the Deeds Registries Act.

The adjusted fees come into force one month from the date of publication.

In Gazette 44188, the department published control measures relating to Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri) and Citrus greening: Asian and American strains (Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus and Candidatus Liberibacter americanus).

The control measures were drawn up in terms of the Agricultural Pests Act.

All users of land in South Africa are expected to immediately notify the department of any occurrence or suspected occurrence of the pests listed in Table 1.

The department is then expected to immediately within 6 days take the necessary phytosanitary measures and/or phytosanitary actions to identify and confirm the presence of regulated pests specified in Table 1 in an area and to prevent the spread.

In Gazette 44197, the department announced, in terms of the Agricultural Product Standards Act, the repeal of regulations relating to the grading, packing and marking of dehydrated vegetables intended for sale in South Africa.