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Construction Procurement Rules Tweaked

July 17, 2015

Construction Industry Development Board

A Competence Standards Framework for Construction Procurement has been drawn up.

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) included the framework in amendments to the Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement published in Government Gazette 38960.

The framework outlines the specific knowledge, skills and attributes required from individuals engaged in construction procurement.

Construction procurement must now be undertaken in accordance with relevant legislation governing procurement, the CIDB code of conduct and the new framework.

Other amendments include:

• JBCC Series 2000 Principal Building Agreement (Edition 6.1: June 2015) and JBCC Series 2000 Minor Works Agreement (Edition 5.1: June 2015) Standard Form of Contract must now be used;
• General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works (Third Edition 2015) GCC Standard Form of Contract must now be used;
• Clarify definitions;
• Align procurement evaluation methods with the prescribed national treasury process; and
• Introduce transparency requirements in the procurement process.

The amended standard for uniformity in construction procurement is available at www.cidb.org.za.